Critical Infrastructure Protection

ACADEMI provides best-in-class security solutions developed to support and protect critical infrastructure installations, including custom built risk assessments & mitigation plans, protection of personnel and key assets, specialized training curriculums and cross-domain unmanned systems support. Our skills in analysis, training and high-threat protection allow us to facilitate the stable operations of oil, gas, mining, nuclear and port installations.

Maritime Security

ACADEMI trains, equips and defends the global maritime trade against piracy, insurrection and political instability. Our efforts to protect our clients are informed by years of experience in providing protective services in the world’s most at-risk regions including the Gulf of Aden and the merchant channels off the coast of Somalia. Prevention is the key to success for the seafaring community with our comprehensive end-to-end maritime security services.

Government Services

After 80,000 missions in the most hostile regions on Earth, ACADEMI has never lost an asset or principal under our protection. No firm in the world is more proven when it comes to supporting governments as they resolve hard security problems. With 7,000 acres dedicated to training and preparing government clients and our own staff to operate in every possible environment, ACADEMI is unsurpassed.

Security Technology

We embrace and utilize the constant advances being made in information management for threat deterrence purposes and provide our customers with the most cutting edge collection of technologies available anywhere. We deliver highly versatile and seamless threat mitigation strategies that are easily integrated into any threat environment with greater cost efficiencies than traditional capabilities-based approaches.


Our full range of UAS services can be integrated and customized to meet client requirements in a single, efficient turnkey solution. ACADEMI delivers recruiting, aviation support facilities, global logistics, training, and unmanned systems field support personnel across a wide spectrum of government and commercial activities.

Commercial Services

Threats to the human experience manifest themselves in innumerable ways. When an event occurs that causes harm, chaos and disruption, the costs to recover can be incalculable. Critical Infrastructure operators and commercial facilities are increasingly targeted by adversaries in often violent and unrecoverable ways. ACADEMI provides facility assessments, tailored training and armed protection to high-risk commercial clients worldwide.


ACADEMI leverages years of experience supplying our deployed personnel and overseas clients in order to provide logistics services that few companies can rival. Whether understanding and assessing supply chain risks or moving goods and services to inhospitable places, we meet the needs of our clients quickly and efficiently. Through precise and proven methodologies, we analyze, plan and deliver logistics solutions to our clients regardless of the inherent risk relating to our client’s requirements.