At ACADEMI’s core is its ability to provide stability and protection to people and locations experiencing turmoil whether caused by armed conflict, epidemics or natural or manmade disasters. We have the ability to quickly and efficiently deploy anywhere in the world to create a more secure environment for our customers. We take pride in our agility, speed and ability to execute.

ACADEMI is proud to provide elite training and trusted protection to federal, state and local government clients, global commercial customers, numerous law enforcement and intelligence organizations and agencies and allied governments worldwide.

ACADEMI has over fifteen years of experience providing Executive Protection (EP) Services in both domestic and overseas environments. ACADEMI specializes in providing EP to commercial and government clients, foreign dignitaries and others. ACADEMI tailors our services to the needs of our client, maximizing the personal safety of the client and their guests. Our low-profile protection focuses on unobtrusive control and leverage of the environment, constant observation and attack recognition.

  • High Threat Protection
  • ACADEMI has the experience and ability to develop detailed, creative solutions to match the needs of their client. These services range from static to mobile solutions for permanent or event-focused missions. Our network of experienced professionals permits us to select the right people to meet our client’s global needs. We have performed tens-of-thousands of assignments in high threat environments such as Afghanistan and Iraq without ever having a principal seriously injured. These assignments have included the protection of high-value personnel.

  • Mobile Protection
  • ACADEMI’s mobile operational activities in high-risk environments throughout the world allows our clients to benefit from our experienced travel security, route assessment for surveillance detection, and Specialized driver Protective Security Motorcade or Convoy services.

  • Situational Awareness
  • ACADEMI teaches the skills, knowledge, and discipline required to maintain Situational Awareness through services tailored for our clients. Situational Awareness is the knowledge to protect you, your family, and co-workers from possible terrorist and criminal actions. It gives you the ability to travel in a foreign country safely, encompassing a wide range of skills including communication skills, and the use of itineraries, route analysis, and proper packing to allow for minimal risk and maximum safety during travel.

  • Canine
  • ACADEMI has trained and deployed military working dogs (MWDs) for use in patrol, drug and explosive detection, as well as other custom functions for U.S. Government and law enforcement agencies.

  • Integrated Solutions
  • Many times a security solution requires extensive resources in order to be mission successful. Academi has great depth in integrating services to provide the best operationally and cost effective solutions for their clients.

    Supply-Chain Management – Years of managing overseas operations in multiple locations have provided us with extensive experience in creating efficient and cost-effective material and supply-chain management solutions to better serve our customers.

    Base Support – ACADEMI built and now operates Camp Integrity located in Kabul, Afghanistan. This 10-acre facility provides a 24/7 manned operations center, fueling stations, vehicle maintenance facility, lodging (apartments), office space with conference room and a fortified armory. Camp Integrity provides a safe, functional environment for ACADEMI personnel, U.S. Government personnel and other contractors in one of the world’s most volatile locations.

    Program Management – ACADEMI operations, regardless of size and scope, are managed and lead by a dedicated staff of on-site professionals. They are supported at our headquarters by a team of personnel with operational expertise who provide daily oversight and monitor rotation of personnel to ensure 100-percent manning during the duration of the contract.

  • Medical
  • ACADEMI deploys emergency medical technicians to provide basic life support in emergency situations. ACADEMI, in partnership with Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy (CCJA), also provides a variety of medical training courses.