Train with the Best
GSA: GS-07F-0149K


Our results-driven professional services are delivered by our veteran instructors, who are among the best in the world. Recruited from elite law enforcement agencies and the military, they deliver real-world, innovative instruction for all of our clients.

ACADEMI offers a range of options, from a basic individual course (includes facilities and instruction only) to full-spectrum advanced operations and security training for military units. Logistical support, including meals, lodging, firearms, ammunition and gear rental, is also available at our Moyock, NC, facility. ACADEMI can customize any course offering to meet the specific training requirements of the unit’s mission.

  • Customized Courses
  • ACADEMI will develop and deliver customized long or short term courses based on our customers’ specific needs. For example, since 2001, we have provided a full array of security training to an allied foreign government’s security forces. Through partnership with this client, ACADEMI developed, customized, and tailored course curriculums over time to meet that customer’s specific requirements.

  • Pre-Deployment Training
  • Since 2008, more than 125 companies and organizations supporting U.S. government operations overseas have selected ACADEMI to deliver industry-leading pre-deployment training (PDT). In all, thousands of private sector contractors and civilian federal employees have participated in our PDT. Conducted at our Moyock training facility or at our clients’ locations via our Mobile Training Teams (MTT), our training is fast-paced, yet comprehensive; it meets U.S. Army and contract-specific mandates including weapons qualifications, medical review, CBRN training and gear sales for deployment. Our optional gear sales allow our private customers to purchase the particular Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) outright.

    In addition to our various Pre-Deployment Training courses, ACADEMI’s experts can work with you to design custom PDT classes which draw upon our range of training services including tactical, evasive and defensive driving, pistol and carbine weapons qualifications, survival skills, field medical care, threat analysis, and day-to-day living training for austere environments.

  • High Risk Live Fire
  • Our training facility located in Moyock, NC offers over 50 tactical firing ranges including two known distance ranges at 800 and 1,200 yards. We provide stationary, rotating, pop-up, and moving targeting systems. ACADEMI also offers urban training areas which include rural, village, and water scenarios with flexible, changing environments.

  • Counter Terrorist
  • In support of U.S. Government security initiatives, ACADEMI has successfully provided assistance to foreign military organizations for training in combating transnational terrorism, coastal/harbor patrol threat interdiction, countering terror activity, and interdicting weapons of mass destruction.

  • High Threat Protection
  • ACADEMI offers a range of protective security training courses designed to assist your organization with managing risk. In addition, we can assist with developing effective security operations to improve your safety and security environment.

  • Basic & Advanced Driving
  • ACADEMI offers a wide range of on or off road tactical driving courses at our Moyock, NC driving facility. This facility includes a three mile tactical driving track with hairpin turns, plus/minus camber corners, obstacles, s-turns, and varied grades. The unimproved/off road track consists of over thirty miles of various types of terrain including water crossings, mud, and obstacles. We also offer a live fire tactical training area combining vehicle and firearm tactics.