Advanced Executive Protection

About This Course

As executives and dignitaries move about today’s world, the protection professional must be ready to identify and mitigate a more extensive variety of threats. The ACADEMI Advanced Executive Protection course is for personnel with existing executive protection skills and desire advanced training in the executive and dignitary protection field. This is the opportunity for protective specialists to enhance their skill set by working with experienced professionals with years of experience in high and low threat protection. The drills, scenarios, and exercises conducted during the course are developed through years of real experience conduction protective operations all over the world. (RCO Ref WO 17225)

$ 2150.00 / 5 days
Includes a certificate of completion.
Rental equipment available.
Next Available Classes
Monday - Friday
October 2014
13 - 17
Monday - Friday
January 2015
19 - 23
Monday - Friday
March 2015
16 - 20
Course Details
  • Topics
    • Principles of executive protection review
    • Helo arrivals / departures
    • Protective formations review
    • Attack recognition
    • Live-fire cover and evacuation (AIC Step-Around)
    • Concealed firearms and tactical firearms
    • Tactical driving (rams/pits/barricade/ penetration/screens)
    • Motorcade driving (high- and low-speed/low-light)
    • Arrival and departure procedures
    • Low-profile security and tactics
    • Advanced attack response using force-on-force final training exercise
    • Low-light shooting
  • Gear
    • Quality handgun
    • Minimum three pistol magazines
    • Concealed holster and magzine holders (no cross-draw or appendix-carry holsters)
    • Hearing and eye protection for firearms training (clear wrap-around recommended)
    • Range appropriate clothing including a cover shirt or jacket concealing the handgun
    • Business casual clothing with cover shirt
    • Flashlight (belt holder recommended)
    • Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions including rain gear
    • A water bottle or other hydration system
    • A laptop computer or tablet recommended, along with a camera or camera-phone that download directly to the laptop
  • Ammunition requirements
  • 800 Rounds Pistol Ammo

  • Skill prerequisites
    • Virginia DCJS PPS course (ACADEMI preferred) or equivalent training and experience (to be evaluated by instructor cadre upon registration).
    • Participants MUST arrive well-trained with a handgun in order to keep up with the shot progression and counter attack scenarios (ACADEMI Tactical Pistol I, Handgun II, Advanced Skills Handgun or equivalent training courses).
  • Lodging
  • Moyock location has lodging available on campus and off campus.

    A variety of meal options can be purchased directly from our on-site dining facility for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Gear Rentals
    Most items on the gear list may be rented via the application at additional cost or purchased at the Proshop.