Carbine II

About This Course

This course will widen the student’s skill base using the carbine for the tactical environment. Building on the shooting skills developed in Carbine I or Hundgun/Carbine, our instructors will work closely with the student to reduce reaction time and allow faster shooting with a higher degree of accuracy in high stress situations This is a fast paced class, focused practical live fire training and minimal time in the classroom. ACADEMI’s Carbine II will take those with solid carbine experience into realm of tactical employment of the carbine. For those students that bring a handgun, the course of instruction will also present opportunity to practice transitions from carbine to handgun and handgun to carbine. The class also will cultivate longer distance accuracy skills with shooting mentorship on a long distance range. ECO Ref 16737

$ 480.00 / 2 days
Includes a certificate of completion.
Rental equipment available.
Next Available Classes
Thursday - Friday
November 2014
20 - 21
Course Details
  • Topics
    • Turning and Shooting
    • Walking Turns
    • Moving Targets
    • Transitions between Shooting Positions
    • Tactical use of Cover
    • Moving into Cover
    • Low-Light/Night Shooting Practical
    • Shooting on the Move
    • Shooting Moving Targets
    • Home Base Drill
    • Moving to and from Cover
    • Reloading while Moving
    • Carbine Shooting Skill Maintenance
    • Shooting Under Stress
    • Shooting at Longer Range
  • Gear
    • Carbine (5.56mm or .223 caliber)
    • Sling
    • Minimum three carbine magazines
    • Magazine holders
    • Belt
    • Handgun (optional)
    • Holster and handgun magazine holder (if bringing a handgun)
    • Clear wraparound ballistic eye protection
    • Ear protection
    • Firearm cleaning kit
    • A water bottle or other hydration system
    • Rain gear
    • Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions
  • Ammunition requirements
    • 1100 rounds carbine ammunition (5.56mm or .223 caliber)
    • 100 rounds handgun ammunition (if bringing a handgun)
  • Skill prerequisites
    • Successful completion of ACADEMI Carbine I or ACADEMI Handgun/Carbine
  • Lodging
  • Moyock location has lodging available on campus and off campus.

    A variety of meal options can be purchased directly from our on-site dining facility for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Gear Rentals
    Most items on the gear list may be rented via the application at additional cost or purchased at the Proshop.