Practical Concealed Carry

About This Course

Many concealed carry courses teach what is required for a concealed carry permit or license, but fail to teach the skills needed to survive a deadly encounter. The focus of ACADEMI'S Practical Concealed Carry course is safe and effective employment of a pistol from concealment. The course begins with a basic review of the fundamentals of shooting and quickly moves into practical applications from concealed carry holsters. Students practice the movement for drawing the firearm from concealment to presentation, reloads from concealment, and the proper re-holstering technique. This is not a classroom-focused course; instead, it emphasizes practical, live-fire exercises on the firing range. Students learn how to safely conceal their pistol through a variety of different holster configurations and are exposed to other accessories to concealed carry.

$ 715.00 / 3 days
Includes a certificate of completion.
Rental equipment available.
Next Available Classes
Sunday - Tuesday
September 2014
28 - 30
Course Details
  • Topics
    • Safety,
    • Fighting Mindset
    • Fundamentals for Shooting
    • Concealed Carry Equipment
    • Drawing from Concealment
    • Reloads from Concealment
    • Drawing While Seated
    • One-Handed Techniques
    • Tactical Use of Cover
    • Drawing and Shooting In and Around Vehicles
    • Drawing and Shooting Indoors
  • Gear
    • Handgun with three high capacity magazines (15 rounds) or six low capacity magazines (7-8 rounds)
    • Holster - can be outside the pants hip holster, inside the waistband, appendix carry, shoulder holster (barrel must point down when holstered), cross draw holster, pocket holster, or fanny bag. The carry method and holster must have the trigger area protected and the barrel pointing downwards when holstered/secured.
    • Belt, and magazine holders
    • Clear wraparound ballistic eye protection and firearms rated ear protection
    • Clothing appropriate for climate and condition including closed toe footwear and rain gear
    • Water bottle or other hydration system
    • Concealment garment - this can be a jacket, sport coat, long shirt, sweater, or any other garment that hides the pistol from being viable while performing everyday tasks.
  • Skill prerequisites
  • ACADEMI Basic Pistol, Women's Defensive Handgun, or other ACADEMI three-day or longer pistol/handgun course

  • Lodging
  • Moyock location has lodging available on campus and off campus.

    A variety of meal options can be purchased directly from our on-site dining facility for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Gear Rentals
    Most items on the gear list may be rented via the application at additional cost or purchased at the Proshop.