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ACADEMI Congratulates the 100,000 Jobs Mission on Exceeding its Hiring Goal

February 05, 2014

117,439 U.S. Military Veterans Hired from 2011-2013

McLean, VA - ACADEMI, a provider of assessment, training and protective services to both the federal government and corporate clients, congratulates the 100,000 Jobs Mission on reaching – and exceeding – its goal by hiring 117,439 veterans in under three years. ACADEMI joined the Mission in early 2012, pledging to contribute to the goal of hiring 100,000 veterans by 2020. The private sector initiative, which was launched by JPMorgan Chase and includes AT&T, Cisco Systems Inc., General Motors and Verizon, now has 131 members, of which ACADEMI is proud to be one.

In 2012 and 2013, ACADEMI hired 1,122 veterans, which equated to 66 percent of the company's total new hires. "ACADEMI prides itself on hiring qualified veterans and supporting the 100,000 Jobs Mission Coalition," said Craig Nixon, CEO of ACADEMI.

ACADEMI is dedicated to helping veterans and transitioning service members find civilian jobs that are fulfilling and maximize the highly valuable skills gained through their military service. "ACADEMI was a great opportunity for me to use the experience and leadership I gained from my time with the Navy in the civilian world," says Erica Moore, a veteran of the U.S. Navy and ACADEMI team member.

Because ACADEMI recruits and retains the industry's top talent, the company is proud to count veterans among much of its staff. ACADEMI looks forward to supporting the 100,000 Jobs Mission in its new goal, to hire 200,000 veterans by the year 2020.

About ACADEMI: The niche security services company was created in 1997 as a premier provider of training and protective services in high-threat environments.

About the 100,000 Jobs Mission: Launched in 2011, the 100,000 Jobs Mission brings together companies committed to hiring U.S. military veterans. The 131 companies now involved have pledged to hire 200,000 veterans by 2020. They hired 117,439 veterans by the end of 2013.

Callie Wang