Driving Track

ACADEMI Driver Training provides the most advanced equipment and training curriculum possible that incorporates our expert assessment of the customer requirements.

The Driver Training Cadre is made up of professional instructors with years of experience in all aspects of driver training including high center of gravity and armored vehicles.

Training Programs are tailored to the specific client for operational skill development requirements.

The ACADEMI Beyond Normal Limits Driver Training Facility boasts three separate driving tracks used individually or in combination for over 3 miles of road with intersections, side streets and traffic circles. Constant, increasing and decreasing radius corners, cambered, level and off camber turns with elevation changes add to the driving challenge. Changes of traction surface from asphalt to concrete to asphalt with rain making capability enhance driving skill and highway safety training.

Off Road Driver Training in Humvees, commercial Hummers, SUVs or off-road pick-up trucks can be a one day basic course or a multiple day advanced course. An advanced course can include dirt and gravel road driving at highway speeds.

ATV Safety Institute (ASI)-certified ATV and ATV Tactical Courses are available upon request.