About This Course

This course builds upon the tactics taught in the ACADEMI SWAT I course. The first day starts with a firearms warm-up, including a pistol and long-gun qualification course, and provides a review of the topics covered in the basic SWAT course, including a basic clearing refresher. The remainder of the course will use classroom and practical instruction to develop advanced techniques used for building clearing and other tactical scenarios. Students will use these techniques in challenging, practical situations to create a solid foundation that will enable them to plan and execute a warrant service and hostage rescue.

This course is open to all officers who conduct warrant service, fugitive apprehension, SWAT operations and drug search warrants who are in need of sound tactics and techniques to conduct these operations efficiently and safely.

$ 1190.00 / 5 days
Includes a certificate of completion.
Rental equipment available.
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Course Details
  • Topics
    • Safety
    • Firearms review and qualification
    • Team management
    • Stealth probe to contact
    • Multiple entry points
    • Categorizing warrants
    • Breaching techniques
    • Use of shields
    • Sniper-initiated assaults
    • Dealing with barricaded gunmen
    • Vehicle takedowns
    • Force-on-force (using Simunition® FX® rounds)
  • Gear
    • Duty pistol
    • Minimum three high-capacity (15+ round) magazines or five low-capacity (7-8 round) magazines
    • Magazine holders
    • Belt
    • Duty carbine with sling
    • Three carbine magazines (30 round)
    • Magazine holder or pouch for carbine magazines
    • Armor carrier/load bearing vest
    • Entry gear
    • Clear wraparound ballistic eye protection
    • Ear protection
    • Firearm cleaning kit
    • Appropriate range attire for climate and conditions
    • A water bottle or other hydration system
  • Ammunition requirements
  • 400 rounds of standard ball pistol ammunition (300 for first day, 100 for remaining days); and 400 rounds of ammunition for carbine (200 for first day, 200 rounds of frangible for remaining days*).

    *Frangible ammunition is needed if shooting a rifle cartridge as primary firearm (e.g., .223 caliber) for live-fire in the shoot house.

  • Skill prerequisites
  • U.S. citizen law enforcement or military law enforcement officer and satisfactory completion of ACADEMI SWAT I course.

  • Lodging
  • Moyock location has lodging available on campus and off campus.

    A variety of meal options can be purchased directly from our on-site dining facility for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Gear Rentals
    Most items on the gear list may be rented via the application at additional cost or purchased at the Proshop.